You’re looking at, or have already embraced the modern workplace and have invested in Microsoft Teams. But how do you know the best way to set it up, or use it in the optimal way for your business?

To help answer this question, we’ve developed our Microsoft Teams Accelerator Sessions. Each session runs for half a day on different subjects and will help take your teamwork to the next level.

Customers can choose which modules to focus on depending on their existing knowledge and business needs. We recommend covering all modules to provide a holistic understanding of Microsoft Teams.

Insync’s Microsoft Teams Accelerator Sessions will:  

  • Help identify any roadblocks or knowledge gaps
  • Clear up any confusion or misunderstanding
  • Provide an opportunity to correct processes and systems
  • Increase the rates of collaboration and business success



In order to provide the most appropriate information to your business, we follow a format that allows us to tailor the session content to your needs. This process is usually:

  A pre-session briefing to understand objectives and identify any pain points  
  A fixed 2 day engagement with 3 sessions - we have six different sessions to choose from
  Opportunities to attend deep-dive Microsoft Teams demos on different subject areas, as required

To ensure we cover all areas of the functionality within Microsoft Teams, we have six different session types:


Key outcomes: 

1. Whole organisation is aligned and staff are informed
2. A deeper understanding of the transformative and technical capability of Microsoft Teams
3. Increased collaboration opportunities for staff

Who will benefit?

These sessions are suitable for anyone who has implemented Microsoft Teams and has a general understanding of the platform. Following on from your roll out, you are looking to increase collaboration using the platform and to provide a deeper understanding of the capabilities to your staff.

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If you are not ready to dive deeper into the technical capabilities of Microsoft Teams, and want a better understanding of how to improve organisational teamwork as a whole, you may be eligible for our Teamwork Assessment. Find out more here.

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