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8-week, in-depth Bootcamp to advance your Microsoft 365 skills and improve your user experience

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Want to get more from your Microsoft 365 subscription? Do your staff need help to improve adoption of applications recently rolled out? Or perhaps there are some long term, embedded behaviours that need to change. Whatever your reasoning, if you want your staff to learn more about Microsoft 365, this expert driven bootcamp will whip your team into shape and have them Microsoft 365 fit!

Insync’s Microsoft 365 Bootcamp will:  

  • Improve daily use of the apps and
  • Improve daily use of Microsoft 365 apps and features
  • Unlock new features and lesser known apps in the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Improve employees’ remote meeting experience
  • Enrich collaboration experience
  • Improve personal productivity and remove daily frustrations from lack of knowledge



To ensure no Microsoft 365 stone is left unturned, the Bootcamp has been designed to review the existing knowledge of core apps, fill any existing knowledge gaps on the apps in use and introduce new functionality and information over an eight-week period. This allows participants to test out new functionality, ask questions and build their knowledge gradually.

This bootcamp will provide:

Week 1: Microsoft Teams 101 & Effective Meetings
Week 2: Driving Effective Meetings & Remote Collaboration
Week 3: Remote Collaboration & teamwork in Office 365
Week 4: Personal Task Management with Office 365

Price: $3,490 per person

Microsft 365 Bootcamp at a glance


Key outcomes:

1. In-depth understanding of Microsoft 365 products to improve adoption in the workplace
2. Holistic understanding of all Microsoft 365 products and their functionality

Who will benefit from this session:

The Microsoft 365 Bootcamp has been created with the general user in mind. This course is perfect for anyone who uses Microsoft products on a day to day basis.

If you want to get value from your existing subscription, we will show you how to maximise your personal and team productivity using products like OneDrive, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.  

Whether you have no knowledge or basic knowledge of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Insync’s Microsoft 365 Bootcamp will provide the knowledge and training you need to excel in the modern workplace.

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